Angry Loutine

The Mighty Loutine (pulled pork poutine) topped with jalapeños, creamy BBQ mayo, crispy onions.

Chilli Cheese Poutine

Hand-cut French fries topped with our veggie chilli and fresh white cheddar cheese curds.

Meaty Bean Poutine

Our traditional poutine topped with delicious meaty beans.


Hand-cut potato french fried to perfection and topped with homemade smoked chicken gravy and fresh cheese curds.

The Big Dawg Loutine

The Big Dawg combines all the good stuff from the Mighty Loutines (pulled pork poutine) along with our mouth-watering mmmmmeaty beans, all topped with our homemade coleslaw.

The Mighty Loutine

Ain’t no routine poutine! Our world famous poutine topped with pulled pork.